Giacomo Mori





The marketing of the processed, aged and bottled wine from the cellars of Palazzone and Chiusi developed in Italy and Europe at the end of the Eighteenth Century. With the 1st World War, the marketing in straw holder bottles and normal bottles decreased until stopping with the economic crisis of 1927.


The son of Giacomo, called Giovanni, continued the production of grapes and the manufacturing of wine selling to Europe, mainly in tanks and demijohns, which continued from 1970 with the sons, who are the current owners. In 1995, with the intention of returning on the market with quality wines, we planted new vineyards with a careful selection of varieties, clones and vineyard layout.


From 1998, under the responsibility of Giacomo, marketing the production of Chianti in Italy, Europe, USA and Japan was begun and we used the same labels as our Grandfather hoping for the same successes. Right now our producion is focused on two kinds of wine, the Chianti Giacomo Mori and the Chianti Castelrotto